Creating a Drupal module: Part 1

This is my first post in a series of posts aimed at demonstrating some of the process I go through when developing Drupal 7 modules. I have been developing modules for around 6 months now so I would by no means consider myself a guru on the subject. The aim of this series is to […]


Javascript – Looping

In programming; looping is a way of repeating a set of instructions a number of times until some condition is met. This is very useful when you start getting into storing your data in arrays. In this post I will go through a number of looping methods in Javascript. For A for loop is generally […]


Javascript Date Compatibility

As you are probably well aware browser compatibility is a hurdle that every web developer must jump over; usually however it is confined to slight differences in interpreting styles. However this is not the only place where the top 4 browsers will interpret your code slightly different. One place that has caused me some grievance […]

CSS selecttors

CSS attribute selectors

An interesting and somewhat unused feature of CSS is that it allows you to target elements based on the attributes of those elements. You are probably familiar with the more common ones; like type when trying to select different forms of input elements, however you can actually target quite a few other attributes in this way, […]


YouTube iFrame z-index fix

Flash appearing behind elements is a common problem with a relatively simple fix — simply add wmode=transparent to the object tag and your Flash movie will behave nicely with the CSS z-index property. But what happens when you embed a YouTube video?


CSS3 and gradients — brief introduction

Gradients have been used in web design for years now. Ever since I started experimenting with FrontPage way back in 2005, adding a gradient to an element gave it a very suave look. They have come along way since then and there are heaps of different tricks you can employ to give your elements that […]


jQuery simple image swap

jQuery has to be my favourite Javascript framework. I use it in almost all of my projects, the more I use it the more I learn. I recently wanted to mix up a product display page, instead of having additional product images display in a lightbox, I thought it would be a nice touch to […]


CSS3 Columns

Have you ever had content that you just wish you could split into columns? Columns have always been a difficult and messy thing to get right in html — typically you would have to have extra divs or use a table to layout your content. This can become very troublesome, especially because — in most […]

Rounded corner techniques

Rounded corners have been a rather difficult thing to implement — well until the release of CSS3 — it required us to use images in weird and wonderful ways. Personally now I usually use the CSS3 border-radius property to achieve rounded borders making sure to include the vendor prefixes (-webkit, -moz, -o etc.) to make […]

Queenslander — free theme by Web Circle

I’m happy to introduce the first in a line of free themes that we will be releasing. These themes are themed around different parts of Australia, this theme being based on Queensland uses a lot of bright colours. Without further adieu — The Queenslander theme.